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Podcasting is more popular than ever with so many content options you might not ever have to turn on your TV again. It offers a different kind of engagement than watching a show or reading, and a good conversation can really inspire you. I think this is what podcasting does best, draws you in and lets you hear the underlying passion for the topic of the interviewer and interviewee. For the Spaces magazine podcast, Space Makers, we selected industry leaders and learned what makes them tick and why they love to do what they do. My years of journalism experience combined with my intimate knowledge of audio production give me a unique ability to produce high-quality and informative podcasts — I truly love being able to draw on these two different skills and watch them intertwine.

When it comes to making music, I’ve done everything from co-writing a hit song for the Counting Crows to playing guitar and bass and writing songs for many of my own groups. My wife, Yuri, and I have a band that released its second album, Pioneer, in 2019. Check it out here.


Episode 1:  Charles de Lisle
The Space Makers premiere features an intriguing talk with Sausalito designer Charles de Lisle who discusses a new modular lighting collection, a thrilling model apartment at 181 Fremont and the changing culture and skyline of San Francisco.

Suzanne Tucker

Episode 2:  Suzanne Tucker
Spaces editor Dan Jewett is in conversation with designer Suzanne Tucker. As co-founder of one of the largest design firms of its kind on the West Coast, Tucker has much to say on her inspirations, how travel influences her work and what it was like breaking into a once male-dominated industry.